How to Make a “Value” Sandwich

Yes, payment is important; however, it’s not the only thing that matters to your customer when they take out additional debt. As with any “tangible”, or in this case, “intangible” product, the buyer has to experience perceived value.  How do we help establish value; by making a “Value” Sandwich.  Here’s how.

First: Having a conversation with your customer will allow to you identify what is important to them.   Their lifestyle, travel, hobbies, work, etc.  Without identifying their needs it’s almost impossible to provide value.

Second: Realize that every product and service you provide has to do one (or more) of the following:  Save them money, Make them Money, Provide them Convenience or give them Peace of Mind.  One (or more) of these four will be the top slice of bread.

Third:  Add the meat.  This would be features of Payment Protection; such as, makes their monthly payment; reduces or eliminates their balance; easy to qualify for; same group rate for everyone, etc.

Fourth:  Let’s add some lettuce, tomato and sauce.  These are the benefits that are provided; such as, when the payment is made, it allows them to use what income they still receive from their employer to be used for other family/household/medical needs; or reduces or eliminates the balance allows for the family to use the life insurance for other needs, like lost income, etc.

Fifth:  The bottom slice of bread are truly what they buy….the benefits specific to them and what you learned about them during your conversation.  Such as; knowing how protecting their credit is so important to them, their payment will be made while they are getting well; or, having the balance paid off that allows their family to move on with the additional income from their estate.

Stop “selling” and start building the “Value Sandwich” for your customers.  It’s the “Piece de Resistance” that they’ll want to sink their teeth into!


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