Financial Services

Offer a simple and no hassle direct mail program to your customers with no risk or investment. The “Thank You” AD & D provides $3,000 of free coverage which helps build customer loyalty and retention while gaining fee income for your institution. This program allows your customer to purchase additional coverage up to $250,000 at special group rates.
Offer a complete package of popular financial service products that are specifically designed for your financial institution. These products will not only attract new customers, but help build loyalty and retention while gaining fee income for your institution.
Have your financial institution provide a valuable no-cost solution for your commercial checking accounts that receive and handle dishonored checks. The task of check collecting for your customer is very burdensome and takes a significant amount of time out of their everyday duties. Instead, relieve your customer of this task by offering a solution to collect NSF checks so they may focus on core business and not the collection business.

Our business partner will significantly reduce the time it takes to collect the dishonored check and increase your customers’ collection rate dramatically. They will provide a strategic electronic re-presentment of the NSF check to the consumer’s financial institution, whereby converting the check into cash within days instead of weeks or months. Thus, returning 100% of the face value of the check to your commercial account. They will also provide 24/7 Real Time Reporting.

Again, there is no cost to your commercial customer because it is paid by the bad check writer from the state authorized returned check fees. Your financial institution will also receive non-interest fee income for every bad check collected. Allow us an opportunity to show what we can do for you and your commercial customers.